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Welcome to our homepage for YoutubePVD at Haven Cave!

How it works

YoutubePVD at the Haven Cave is where you can be filmed in Providence for YouTube. It is a place where you can create a story or message on YouTube, for yourself or your group. A cameraman and camera gear are provided for your use. Film editing will be done free of charge when urgency is not involved. The resulting video will be posted on the YouTube channel Rhode Island Foresight Television (Ri4CTV), unless otherwise requested. With Ri4CTV giving you the tools and our daily show NDBaker93  giving you the platform you need, you can now take your dream to the next level. Tell me more

How to get started

To get started, watch the following welcome video then fill out and submit the form YoutubePVD Participant Registration.

Where is the filming location?

Initially, we meet at The Have Cave. Its address is 116 Calverly Street, near the Providence Place Mall. Click here for further direction.
YouTube Weekend Program by Ri4CTV