Weekly Unit Calendar



The calendar Haven members can use to publicly keep track of their week

“Unit of time” Collaboration means that you will accept someone to work with you during that time space if they have the need and you have the time. Feel free to add your name in to the days you are willing to offer that space to others.


  • 24/7 Collaboration | Jairson
  • 4:30pm – 6:30pm Haven Event



  • 24/7 Collaboration | Jairson
  • Wednesday 10 am Nick and Jairson talk until urgent topics are over
  • 3pm Paracity Development with Shira
  • 4pm-on Weekly Comic Wednesdays With Alec and Jairson
  • 7:30pm Jairson meets with Norman to work on kickstarter and meetup


  • 24/7 Collaboration | Jairson
  • 8 am Jairson works on Paracity Development with James Monteiro
  • 12 pm Jairson works on We Are Human development with Samantha



  • 24/7 Collaboration | Jairson
  • Norm, Shira, and Jairson will welcome Hailey to the club on Saturday.


  • 10 am on Sunday Norman, Jairson, and Andrea are meeting to discuss Norman performing King of Leadership interviews during Andrea’s library hours.
  • 1pm Jairson and Gordon are meeting to discuss setting up Facebook and Instagram Marketing for Gordon’s brand Kali Yuga
  • 24/7 Collaboration | Jairson