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You’re a resident of Rhode Island when you live in the state. Likewise, you’re a resident of RiVillage when what you do is immortalized by RiVillage. Once a resident of RiVillage, you’re a part of it forever. Notice that you must not live in the state in order to become a permanent resident of RiVillage.

Established by the YouTube channel Ri4CTV, the online community RiVillage facilitates the turning of individuals into creators, creators into organizers, and organizers into leaders. Because Ri4CTV is based in Providence, Rhode Island, the people involved with RiVillage are more likely to be from the local area. As its virtues and principles are universally applicable to all elsewhere, people outside of Rhode Island may also want to involve RiVillage and its ideals in theirs.

Olivia Brooklynn Williams, a 2020 graduate of Classical High, by default became a permanent resident of RiVillage when a graduation moment of hers was captured by Ri4CTV in this video here, which is as shown at the bottom of this page.

Singing friends Mack Farnsworth, Chris Sisto, and Cameron Farias by default became permanent residents of RiVillage when their smoke break at Rhode Island School of Design was captured by Ri4CTV in this video here, which is as shown at the top of this page.

With help from Nickantony Quach and Alec Mustafayev, you can tell your story and share your ideals on Ri4CTV. When your friends and family understand your ideals, they know how to avoid interfering with your life. When people know how to avoid interfering with your life, they know how to respect you. As respect is the most fundamental element of love, when others understand how to respect you, they know how to love you.

The official Instagram channel for RiVillage is @Ri4CTV. Click here and see how what Oli Ogueri does is immortalized in RiVillage.

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