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1 What is Ri4CTV?

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Rhode Island Foresight Television (Ri4CTV) is the official YouTube channel for Thumos Philosophy and its nomenclature, Thumoslang, the new weave for a stronger social fabric in every human society.

The 4C in Ri4CTV stands for foresight, whereas Ri stands for Rhode Island. The Ri4CTV YouTube Channel also offers several authentic stories about Rhode Islanders. The website at ri4ctv.art.blog acts as the Ri4CTV Explorer.

Nickantony Quach (pictured, left) founded the YouTube channel in 2018. Alec Mustafayev (right) joined him the following year. They formed the Quach & Mustafayev Group (QMG) in August 2020.

Norman Baker (center) joined them in December 2021. They work together as Bongo One Providence (Bongo1PVD), the current operator of the channel Ri4CTV on YouTube.

Twelve months later, in December 2022, QMG is known to the public as the Ri4CTV Writing Team, thanks to Our First Sign of Success.

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