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Welcome to Ri4CTV.com!

At the top of this web page is the Intersite Menu (pictured), with four commands taking you to four different websites. Each of the four websites presents the same Intersite Menu at the top. The four websites and other, related places online make up the Thumoslang Kingdom; see Around the Thumoslang Kingdom in 80 Minutes. Created in 2017, Thumoslang is the weave designed for a more robust social fabric.

Members of the Ri4CTV Writing Team are also members of the Quach & Mustafayev Group (QMG). They include Nickantony Quach (pictured, left), a published philosopher, and Alec Mustafayev (right), the 2020 graduate of Classical High who designed the Intersite Menu. Together they are The QMG Duo of Ri4CTV.

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