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The “4C” in Ri4CTV means foreseeing and thus foresight. Ri4CTV was at first only a YouTube channel. Now, as of 2020, it is also a channel on Patreon and Instagram. These channels are owned and operated by the RiVillage Slingshot Group (RSG). Visitors to our channels as well as their subscribers, followers, and patrons make up the Greater Foresight Community (GFC). The shortcut link to them all is at Ri4C.com/Go. Everything is explained by the Ri4CTV User Guide.

For those who are curious, on 9/18/2020, we have 228 followers on Instagram. That’s 58% of our 390 subscribers on YouTube. Since our Patreon channel is brand new, it has zero patrons at this time.

Ri4CTV User Guide

Local Activities in Real Life

You must not be in Rhode Island in order to profit from and take part in the Greater Foresight Community (GFC). You can organize your own community in your locality for a specific purpose. For a demonstration, see RiVillage and ApexBMX.

RiVillage is an ideal version of Rhode Island. It is where and how its residents can become more than strangers to each other. Its homepage is at RiVillage.wordpress.com. If you want to, you can also create such a community for your locality.

As a small group organized by the middle-school student Mason (@bmx_mason401), ApexBMX is part of RiVillage. That’s why its homepage is at RiVillage.wordpress.com/ApexBMX. If you want to, you can also create such a group as part of the greater community.

If you want to plug your group in as part of RiVillage, contact us; see Help Desk, below.

Help Desk

Contact either Alec Mustafayev or Nickantony Quach for help with anything related to the above topics. Click here for their contact information.

Back Area

The Visitor Info Center of RiVillage has several entrances, each of which is located at a different web address. The first two are the Main Entrance and the Patreon Entrance. The former is for visitors who spend more time at RiVillage whereas the latter is for those who spend more time on our channel Ri4CTV at Patreon. The same section called Back Area is presented at the bottom of each entrance. Here is where you have access to hidden rooms reserved for extended use of this info center.


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