The Triple7 Concert

Monday, December 30

The Triple7 rap group is performing in Providence this upcoming Monday the 30th. This concert offers local music in an intimate setting, and an open mic freestyle.

Welcome to our homepage for Triple7!

A | About Triple7

Triple7 is a Rhode Island based rap collective that deals solely in the manifestation of one’s self. Each artist, expressive in their own nature, tell their stories through their craft and love for music. 

B | Triple7 Scheduling

  • First Event: Dec. 30th 2019
  • Event Schedule: Every last Monday of the month
  • Time Frame: 4:30 pM – 6:30 PM

C | The Triple7 Concert

  • The Triple 7 rap group is performing in the Haven Cave this upcoming Monday the 30th.
  • There are going to be 5 separate local rappers coming out with 3-5 songs each ready to show you their life’s work.
  • This is a great chance to watch a performance, talk to new friends, and maybe even join in a freestyle or two.
  • Click here to see more about getting tickets for the Triple7 Concert.

D | Contact Info

  • Instagram Info
    • Rappers/Producers
      • sesamisesami

E | Gallery

tengu.pvd thatkidlucid yung_re7
rolo_r.a.p.s frostyhilfiger sesamisesami