Triple7 Tickets



The Haven Cave is Proud to Present our first rap concert.

5 rappers, 4 songs a piece.

Website: Tengu

Insta: tengu.pvd

Insta: thatkidlucid Website: Yung Re Insta:yung_re7

They’ll be showcasing their melodies and lyrical ability.

Insta: rolo_r.a.p.s Insta: frostyhilfiger

Are you ready to hear some sick writtens?

Make some new friends?

And maybe even join in a freestyle or two?

If so, its only $5 now if you get an advance ticket

Otherwise it will be $10 at the door for our end of the year rap concert.

116 calverly street providence, 4:30pm-6:30pm, we’ll see you there.