Thumos Love

Thumoslang, a social science

Thumoslang is the socially focused language the Haven village uses to reduce conflict, and push people towards their ideal selves. Thumoslang is considered non dogmatic, which means it is falsifiable. If you have a problem with Thumoslang’s logic, or don’t understand something, feel free to push hard on it until everything makes sense to you. Nick, Norman, Alec, and Jairson are currently considered the residential experts, so you know who to press 😉

What it means to Thumos Love

In modern society, Love is an emotion.

In Thumoslang, love is an action.

When you love someone, you act as a shortcut to the person they truly want to become.

There are 4 elements of love.

  1. Respect = no interference.
  2. Acceptance = no rejection.
  3. Tolerance = no opposition.
  4. Care = nurturing ideals.

When you Thumos love someone, you first must know what it is that are the ideals of that person. Then you must respect them first, by never interfering with their dream or mission. You must accept them completely, you can never reject someone when you want to Thumos love. You must learn tolerance, which means not imposing your metrics on that person. You cannot oppose who they want to become, even if they may be making poor life decisions. Everyone is in this journey to learn from their mistakes. Finally, you must nurture their ideals. Every time you wish to nurture someone’s ideals, you must work to be a shortcut to their ideals.

In Haven Village, we all work to Thumos Love each other and become the drivers for each other’s success. Thank you for reading 🙂