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The purpose of the online book Thumoslang401 is to guide students in Rhode Island, and participants in Our Projects and Groups, how to work with one another in person on a lifetime journey towards wealth based on what they truly want to become. Long before the attainment of wealth, within the first few weeks on this journey, they, as an individual, will become far more powerful than they have been led to believe. The purpose of this page is to explain the meaning behind the phrase, work with one another.

Work Session versus Status Meeting

A work session is when two or more individuals working together in order to produce a common deliverable. If one or more participants are not involved directly in creating the deliverable, the gathering cannot be considered as a work session. Instead, it is called a status meeting, or simply, meeting.

Do not carry out any work within a gathering that does not involve all participants. Otherwise, your work interferes with group activities. When one of more participants are not involved in your work, take it offline, i.e. do it outside of the meeting.

Our Intranet

Intranet is the network reserved for internal use only. The Haven Office is our Intranet.

Meeting Preparation

Are you prepared for the meeting? You’re not prepared for the meeting if you did not create of list of links giving all meeting attendants easy access to what you want to share with them. It is a waste of time for everyone if no ones in the meeting a prepared with such a list.

Leadership Required

You must not be in a leadership position in order to have a need for leadership skills. In a status meeting, everyone is expected to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) responsible for leading us all in a particular area of work. That’s why everyone is expected to understand what leadership means and how to exercise leadership. The following video explains.

Professionalism Required

All participants in our projects and all members of our groups are required to be professional in all they do. Page 16 spells out what it takes for you to become professional; see Professional Work Process. Part of it is the use of Our Work Mantra.

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