The Purpose Statement

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[1] According to the Thumoslang Glossary, purpose; that means, value to others. The provider of the value is referred to as the subject of purpose. The recipient of the value is referred to as user of the purpose’s subject.

[2] The purpose of a bicycle is an inexpensive form of local transportation for its user. The subject, i.e. the bicycle, provides the following value: less cost in travel around a small town.

[3] A purpose statement is a declarative sentence that answers the following question.  How does the subject adds value into the lives of others, i.e. the user?

[4] What is the purpose of your life? This question is not about you. It is about the value you add into the lives of others.

[5] What is the purpose of Ri4CTV? In other words, how does the YouTube channel Ri4CTV adds value into the lives of its viewers? The answer is in the following purpose statement.

Ri4CTV’s Purpose Statement

[6] Ri4CTV adds value into the lives of its viewers by showing them how to use Thumoslang as the nomenclature for social life in order to become far more powerful than they have been led to believe.

Thumoslang401’s Purpose Statement

[7] The purpose of the online book Thumoslang401 is to guide students in Rhode Island, and participants in Our Projects and Groups, how to work with one another in person on a lifetime journey towards wealth based on what they truly want to become. Long before the attainment of wealth, within the first few weeks on this journey, they, as an individual, will become far more powerful than they have been led to believe.

[8] The four linked phrases found in the above purpose statement are further elaborated by the next four pages.

Differences Between the Two

[9] The above paragraphs 6 and 7 are two different purpose statements. Paragraph 6 applies to Ri4CTV whereas Paragraph 7 applies to Thumoslang401.

  • Paragraph 6 implies that viewers from all countries can profit from the use of Ri4CTV equally.
  • Paragraph 7 implies that only the locals from Rhode Island can take full advantage of the online book Thumoslang401.

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