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YouTube Weekend Program by Ri4CTV

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A | About This Program

YouTube Weekend Program by Ri4CTV is an opportunity for you and several of your friends to appear on or be involved with the YouTube series NDBaker93 or another show on our channel Ri4CTV. If done right, you as the individual should, before it’s over, become far more powerful than you’ve been led to believe.

YouTube Weekend Program by Ri4CTV is your chance to design your perfect group message. Whether its a story for your group  or your other friends doesn’t matter, the NDBaker93 crew will help you act out your vision in a professional YouTube video.

B | About NDBaker93

The YouTube series NDBaker93 is our place to show the world how powerful a single individual or a small group can really be. We do that by talking about things like our collective social power and showing ways to increase our individual social power.

C| How Does It Work?

Our team has the skills to make your vision come to life. From professional camera skills to a deep understanding of how to connect a message with the intended viewership, our facility will provide you with a chance to make some of the highest quality presentations you’ve likely ever made before. We invite you to really have fun with it, because the creative vision of your YouTube Weekend is in your hands.

D| How to Contact Us

Start with writing us an email that explains what you and your group are interested in achieving during your youtube weekend. You can reach out to us using the form below.

E | Remaining to iron this out

  • “See our menu.” (this could be a portion where we have our various agendas available for people to transparently aid us in growing.) So people who want to do youtube weekend and have already heard of monkey or haven (or anything else) and really like these things that we are doing can help us make videos advertising or helping these projects in one way or another.
  • Getting an example weekend to include on this page is a must.
    • Until then what might be our next best video?
  1. Do we decide the script in the weekend or before
    1. We do not design anything, we only facilitate their experience.


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