Our Teamwork Process

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A | Introduction

  1. This list, Page 26 of our Thumoslang401 Handbook, defines our teamwork process.
  2. Local participants in CaribouPVD, HavenPVD, Ri4CTV, We4inPVD, and members of related groups are all expected to work with one another as a single team with a common purpose, and not as a group of individuals going in different directions.
  3. To participate in our teamwork process, you must be active in our online collaborative space known as The Haven Office.
  4. If you cannot view this list of recent posts in our office, you did not sign in to access our office.

B | Scrum

  1. Team members are expected to work with one another according to a professional teamwork process known as The Scrum Process, which is defined by The Scrum Guide.
  2. During a Scrum Meeting, following the process as abbreviated by Ri4CTV.com/Scrum.
  3. The heart of Scrum is a Sprint, a time-box of one month or less during which a “Done”, usable, and potentially releasable product Increment is created.
  4. For us, each Sprint is a calendar month.
  5. Remember, a product is NOT an experience. A product is something that can be purchased. To turn a performance into a product, present it as a purchasable video.
  6. At the start of every meeting, everyone should answer the three Scrum questions as listed at Ri4CTV.com/Scrum.
  7. On a weekly basis, everyone should answer the three Sprint questions as listed at Ri4CTV.com/Scrum.