HavenPVD Planning Meeting

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Monday | Edit

The management team for HavenPVD includes James, Mary, Elias, and Jairson. All would be expected to meet Monday at 7:30 after Haven for planning and management activities. This is where all work related to expression of the Creative department’s plans will take place. Each member is expected to have 2 personal events by December 23rd.

Personal Show

  1. Should fit our personal loves but also fit the community
    1. Should build the teams skills.

Monday Meeting Structure

  1. Acknowledgements for the hard work and deliverables made by the members of the group.
  2. Thoughts on how the event was, room for growth.
    1. In Performance
    2. In Outreach
  3. Idea presentation
    1. If someone had something they really wanted to do this would be when they present the idea to the group.
      1. Has to be in writing, doesn’t have to be complex this is just so we can clearly understand the idea.
  4. Important deadlines
    1. Flyers
    2. Ideas for next week
    3. Ideas for upcoming weeks.
    4. Date for Haven Festival
      1. Sometime in August