Personal Work Mantra

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Gesture of Self Promise for Daily Deliverable

According to the Thumoslang Glossary, mantra; that means, aiding concentration. A work mantra is a short phrase used to help participants of Our Projects and Group become more effective and efficient in all they do. The shortest version of our work mantra has four words.

Daily Love, Volume Feedback

The extended version of our work mantra is as shown below.

As an individual creator, I’m determined to create what I love on a daily basis but my work must be done in high volume and for regular feedback by as many others as possible.

Use of the above work mantra is necessary while employing the Professional Work Process. Use of the mantra is also expected even when you Work with One Another. All members of Our Leadership Team are also expected to use this mantra.


Gesture of Self Promise for Daily Deliverable

Right before you leave any meeting with other Thumoslang speakers, ask everyone to dance a gesture of self-promise to create everyday. The gesture comprises six right-hand actions as specified below. While doing each action, utter the corresponding verbal message.

# Gesture Verbal
1 Fist inches away from your chest I’m determined…
2 Scissor down to your belt …to create…
3 Palm next to your heart …what I love…
4 Five fingers away from your belt …five days weekly…
5 Elbow up at shoulder height …in high volume…
6 Pad your left shoulder twice …for regular feedback…
7 Softly pound your skyward left palm thrice …and acknowledgement of use.
8 Do a comradery fist bump with another person. That’s deliverable!
9 Point your index finger at someone. Daily Love
10 Point your index finger at someone else. Volume Feedback