Our Think Tank

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Members of our think tank are both Our Friday Nighters and core participants of our group. They work according to the following rules.

Scope of Work

The following activities must be carried out or approved by our think tank:

  • Re-organization of any kind in our group
  • Rewriting of business or operational rules for our group

Work Process

  1. Anyone can post a new business or operational idea in The Haven Office.
  2. Verbal idea cannot be proposed; only written ideas are allowed to be considered by our think tank.
  3. Any member of our think tank can turn the idea into a formal proposal in writing.
  4. Verbal proposal cannot be approved; only written proposals are allowed to be considered by our think tank.
  5. The proposal must be presented for discussion and consideration by the think tank.
  6. Unless otherwise decided, the proposal must be approved by unanimity.
  7. To become a formal business decision, the proposal must then be approved by the Legal Department as well as the Business Department.