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Thumoslang for beginners

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The following stories are useful to those who are all new to Thumoslang. Watch and read the following stories to get started with Thumoslang.

Story 1 | Origin of Thumoslang

The origin of Thumoslang is traced by the video, “Master of the Sky”, which is Episode 2 in Season 1 of PVD Philosophy.

Story 2 | Power of Thumoslang | Understanding Wealth

The power of Thumoslang is demonstrated by Episode 4 in Season 1 of Grow Up With AOC.

If you were born after 1989, when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) was born, you should watch the entire web series, “Grow Up With AOC”.

Story 3 | Mastering Relationships

This story is about the first steps in mastering relationships. To become a master of relationships, you should know how to recognize the specific day when a relationship begins or ends. You should also know how to calculate the exact number of actual, not phantom, relationships you currently have on a given day. This is explained by Episode 10 in Season 1 of PVD Philosophy, also known as Episode 1 in Season 2 of PVD Philosophy.

Story 4 | Understanding Love

If love is an issue in your life, you may want to do the following:

Story 5 | The Original Thumos Book

The first version of the Thumos language is expressed by the original 2017 book, THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration.

This is a groundbreaking book for humanity. Like a captivating story with epic character development, this nonfiction makes us feel and think, by taking us on a compelling, original, and unpredictable journey through a treasure trove of humanity. This would be an absolutely unforgettable gift for your friends as it is always relevant to their current needs. It would drastically improve their life regardless of their current situation. Their life will be changed before they finish reading the first three chapters. Their relationships with you and others will be improved before they reach the seventh chapter. They would open this book, this gift again and again. No matter how often they read it, there are always something new to be discovered.

Story 6 | Ri4CTV Experimental Web Series

As of this year (2019), the web series, “Ask Steve Jobs”, will replace all of the following five experimental web series: Mateophil, Thumoslang, PVD Philosophy, Thumos Love, and Nickantony Quach. You will learn many concepts from Thumoslang by watching all of these experimental web series.

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