Thumoslang Book Writing Rules


E | Paragraph Quality Assurance

[E1] Thumoslang books should be written such that a fifth-grader can understand without referencing the dictionary too frequently. Before writing a paragraph for your Thumoslang book, ask yourself the following question.  Is its objective to (A) draw attention, (B) develop interest, (C) stimulate desire, or (D) provoke action?

[E2] Select one and only one objective. Otherwise, the complexity of your paragraph will bring down its message.

  • A | What does your paragraph want to draw the fifth-grader’s attention to?
  • B | What interest in the fifth-grader does your paragraph want to develop?
  • C | What does your paragraph want the fifth-grader to desire?
  • D | What action does your paragraph want the fifth-grader to take right after reading?

[E3] You got a successful paragraph if it could answer one and only one of these four questions: A, B, C or D? If so, it’s easy to defend your paragraph at peer review.

F | First Draft Writing Process

[F1] The goal for the first draft is to get it all down in writing. The first draft is when we got all the pieces in place, based on our outline. This is when all the pieces are tied together.  It should not take that much time to produce a first draft, which covers the breadth and not the depth of the subject matter.

[F2] We must resist the temptation to correct and edit as we go. Completion of the entire initial draft take higher priority than reaching perfection in any portion thereof. Fixing a sentence or paragraph and make it perfect is a waste of time if it in the end turned out to be irrelevant.

[F3] Do not worry about revision of any paragraph until the second draft. Only then will when we need to worry about the length and structure of our sentences and paragraphs, our word choices, our voice and tone.

[F4] The hardest part to write is the introduction. Stop wasting our time on it in the beginning. Initially, for the first draft, track down what we know best: our main messages. Lay them all down on the table before worrying about formal arrangement and extended elaboration.

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