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The phrase, “Thumoslang Origin”, refers to the collection of eight video series first published by the YouTube channel Ri4CTV between July 2018 and June 2019. They are listed in the table below, earlier releases above later releases. All are based on the 2017 book, Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration. The hardcover version is available at Barnes & Noble while the paperback version is available at

The video series collection, Thumoslang Origin, is the foundation for the development of the series,  Thumoslang Vocabulary. Season 1 is now available. Season 2 is coming soon as of August 2019.

Ri4CTV publishes at least one fresh video on each and every calendar day since its practical birthday of April 22nd, 2019; see Ri4CTV was only nine weeks old when every series in the collection, Thumoslang Origin, was fully published.

Series Season Released Episode 1 Videos
“Nickantony Quach” Season 1 2018.07.20 2018.07.10 23
PVD Philosophy Season 1 2019.02.09 2018.11.15 10
Thumos Love Miniseries 2019.02.13 2019.01.06 2
Mateophil Miniseries 2019.02.14 2019.02.12 2
Thumoslang Miniseries 2019.03.16 2019.02.23 3
Ask Steve Jobs Season 1 2019.03.16 2019.02.23 16
Grow Up With AOC Season 1 2019.04.26 2019.02.12 11
Grew Up In Rhode Island Season 1 2019.06.28 2019.02.5 12