Thumos Love TV Series Debut Event One on Ri4CTV

About this event

Event name: Thumos Love TV Series Debut Event One on Ri4CTV
Event date: 2019 January 6 (Sunday)
Event start time: 6:30 PM Phoenix Time (GMT-7)
Event end time: 7:00 PM Phoenix Time (GMT-7)
Event location:
Video title: Thumos Love | S1E1 | Everything Else Is Secondary
Video description: Episode 1 of Season 1 of the television series “Thumos Love” on the YouTube channel Ri4CTV
Event type:
Event activities:
  • Watching the same video at the same time globally
  • Meeting online viewers before and after the show
Best time:
  • Be on YouTube 20 minutes before the show
  • Feel free to chat with us before and after the show
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What are the goals of this event?

  • This is an opportunity for YouTube users to experience the new feature called YouTube Premieres.
  • (incomplete list)

What is unique about this event?

  • TBD

Captions and Subtitles

In this video, closed captions are available in the following languages: English and Vietnamese (tiếng Việt).

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