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Thumos; that means, master of relationships.

The Thumos Movement

Welcome to the homepage of our Thumos Movement! Its leader is Norman D. Baker, the first co-host of the YouTube series NDBaker93. In the video, The Thumos Movement, which is Episode 6 in Season 4, he introduces newcomers to our movement. | Watch the video

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Anything presented below still useful to many but all will soon be moved elsewhere.

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Thumos for beginners

  1. Thumos is a Greek word. Since 2017, it carries a new meaning.
  2. “Thumos; that means, master of relationships.” — Nickantony Quach
  3. Thumos language is the nomenclature created as part of #PVDPhilosophy.
  4. A version of the Thumos language is a specific set of thumbnail definitions.
  5. Thumos Version 1, the original version of both the language and the philosophy, is captured by the 2017 book, Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration.
  6. Thumos Version 2, the second version of both the language and the philosophy, is captured by the 2019 TV series, PVD Philosophy, which is produced by Ri4CTV on YouTube.
  7. Every thumbnail definition in the Thumos language is falsifiable; that means, it can and will be replaced by a better version.
  8. Every concept, each thumbnail definition presented in the TV series, PVD Philosophy, is registered on the Thumos Video Glossary; that means, you can, with a click, go directly to the time slot when, in the video where, the concept or the thumbnail is presented.
  9. Thumos Love – Ri4CTV Series

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