Welcome to our Storytelling homepage! This is where you can find out more about stories on Ri4CTV, how to be in one, where to find them, etc. Using the latest technology in mobile recording, Ri4CTV offers a new type of visual storytelling. As demonstrated by our welcome video, which is located here, our ideals always involve a high level of authenticity and, when appropriate, a high degree of intimacy.

Our home at is divided into a dozen program sections, one of which is, Meet the Locals. Click on the link, Meet the Locals, and see many examples of storytelling on Ri4CTV. When you are too busy with life for YouTube, let us help you do the storytelling and let us spread your stories for you.

You must not speak to tell your story on Ri4CTV. Paul Rasmussen does it using his guitar. As you can see in the video, First Cover | Paul Rasmussen | S1E1, we can now capture your voice’s sound in high quality even under windy conditions.

The sound of your performance on Ri4CTV is more precise or more pleasing than what people can hear at the same live performance in a noisy environment. As you can see in the video, First Song | Sundial PVD | S1E1, viewers can pick out the sound of every instrument with ease. That was not the case for those there, especially while many children were running and dancing around their chatty parents in the middle of a noisy market.

If your story is longer than a single video, we will package it as a series on Ri4CTV. Brandon Lee tells his story over six episodes in Season 1 of the series, Music Man of God 7. When it becomes even more complex, we spread the story over several different series. For example, the story Boxer Ifeanyi, and the series, Thumoslang101, are stories that originated from the same person.

You must not know how to play a musical instrument to tell your story on Ri4CTV. Boxer Ifeanyi is a perfect example. In this video, Photographer @DonReuker is another example. Their stories do not involve musical instruments.

When your school-age children have fun in a unique experience, you may wish to see it captured by Ri4CTV. This is well demonstrated by the video, Our Rules | Chess in RI | S1E3. In it, you can see two children playing chess using the rules they make up along the way. Ri4CTV is often well prepared for such unplanned events.

Your story on Ri4CTV may be presented as a documentary. The series, Blue-eyed Mike, available in October 2019, provides an example of how a documentary is carried out by Ri4CTV. We can and will be there, even when it’s all tears and no smiles. We know how to get even introverts to open up and tell their stories.

The biggest story on Ri4CTV, as it turns out, is captured by a conversation that spans six episodes in Season 1 of Thumoslang101. They are released on Ri4CTV in late September and early October 2019. | Tell me more

Other storytelling examples on Ri4CTV