Story Timeline

1 The Hook This opening moment is your opening scene. It’s the first thing that happens in your story. It’s possibly even the first line. 11
2 The Set-up The readers learn about your characters, their goals, and the stakes. 12
3 The Inciting Event A turning point occurs halfwahy through the First Act. This is the Call to Adventure, the moment the Normal World is first significantlhy rocked bhy the conflict. 21
4 The Build-up The final pieces necessary for the main conflict are moved into position, while ramping up the tension. 22
5 First Plot Point The doorway between the end of the First Act and the beginning of the Second. Also likely to be the Key Event. 31
6 The Reaction After the First Plot Point, the protagonist scrambles to understand obstacles thrown in his way by the antagonist. 32
7 First Pinch Point A reminder of the antagonist’s power, which provides new clues about the nature of the conflict. Pinch Points are small turning points reminding of the antagonistic force’s power to stymie the protagonist’s goal. The first one occurs halfway between the First Plot Point and the Midpoint 41
8 The Realization Protagonist’s realization grows and his reactions become more informed. 42
9 Second Plot Point (Midpoint) The Moment of Truth when the protagonist realizes the central truth about the nature of the conflict. 51
10 The Action Thanks to his new understanding, the protagonist makes headway against antagonist. 52
11 Second Pinch Point Foreshadows Third Plot Point and serves ro remind the protagonist what is at stake. Pinch Points are small turning points reminding of the antagonistic force’s power to stymie the protagonist’s goal. The second one occurs halfway between the Midpoint and the Third Plot Point. 61
12 The Renewed Push Protagonist renews attack upon the antagonist. He reaches a seming victory. 62
13 Third Plot Point A dark moment for the character. After the victory at the end of the Second Act. He experiences a reversal. 71
14 The Recovery Protagonist reels as he questions his choices, his commitment to his goal, and his own worth and ability. 72
15 The Climax 81
16 Start of the Climax This turning point forces the protagonist and the antagonist to finally face each other. 82
17 The Confrontation Duel to the (literal or metaphoric) death. What occurs here ensures protagonist and antagonist cannot both walk away. 83
18 The Climatic Moment The moment the protagonist’s goal is met, it becomes a physical impossibility for the conflit to continue. 84
19 The Resolution Ease readers out of the excitement of the Climax and into the final emotion. 91