This is the home of the Social Oracle, the place where you as a nomad can stop trying to find yourself and start creating yourself. Each time you sit down with the Social Oracle be prepared to put your life under a lens and begin moving towards the future you truly want for yourself.

Our current life situation is normally only talked about in passing or when we occasionally seek advice for one thing or another. It is almost never the case that we have determined times to talk or think about how in line our current actions are with the future that we want. The Social Oracle talks to you about your ideals, and asks your questions to prompt a better understanding of your personal mission.

How Do We Begin?

Respect, that means, no interference. In order to respect another, one must not interfere with their ideals. In order to properly love someone, you must know of their ideals so that you can respect those ideals and be a shortcut in life to the ideal selves of the people around you. Do you respect yourself? This and more gets talked about in the series called Thumoslang101 below.

The above is a video series of Ifeanyi Onyekaba going through the Sorakle process live.