Guiding Scenario for Further Development of Our Community

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  1. Scenario; that means, plot postulation.
  2. This list, aka. Ri4CTV Scenario, is used to guide our work on further development of the Greater Foresight Community (GFC),  which is comprised of RiVillage as well as Ri4CTV on YouTube, Instagram, and Patreon.
  3. Members of our community are referred to as our viewers.
  4. Our viewers are often confused when they explore our webpages because we have too many websites. Added to this confusion is the following little-known fact.
  5. is the main website for Ri4CTV but none of its pages are sharable; they’re prevented by Instagram, Facebook, etc. from sharing. This fact is both a blessing and a curse.
  6. It’s a blessing because we now have a website where we share information to the public but we do not want to encourage the further sharing of such information, e.g. this page.
  7. Let’s organize all our websites under the same root page for ease of navigation; think of it as a root folder in a folder tree.
  8. The shortcut to it all is where you are asked to explore our community.
  9. The upper-right corner of our key webpages should have Explore as one and only one menu command which takes us to this page here.
  10. The standard structure is as shown in the following image but the series listing is presented as part of the page Explore because we want the root page to be as impressive as it is friendly to our viewers. > Explore > Community > FAQ > Scenario