Monday Program | Floor Plan

What Supervisors are Responsible for During HavenFestPVD

Supervision, that means, enforcing correctness.

The supervisor’s role is to ensure that the Cave Manager’s vision is followed, and that everything runs smoothly both for the villagers as well as the nomads.

  1. The supervisor needs to be aware of the Monday Program schedule, their first priority is ensuring all villagers get respected, their spaces must be worth the money we charge.
  2. At 4:15, the Supervisor is in charge of making sure the entry process is completed for all Chasers.
    1. That means ticket process, shoes off, and everyone to their respective areas.
    2. Shoes are not allowed in the space, so this is an important aspect of managing the area.
  3. Once entry is done, the Supervisor is in charge of locking the door at 4:45.
  4. The supervisor must keep on track of vaping or smoking in the space. No nonmedical inhalants of any kind are allowed in the space. Violators get one warning and then are forced to leave.
  5. The supervisor is in charge of dealing with/calming down fights.
    1. This doesn’t mean that the supervisor needs to get involved in the fight. If the supervisor can’t handle the situation alone get in touch with the other villagers On Call. Jairson is always On Call in the case of an emergency, ask him to help if it is needed.
  6. If a corner fails to be prepared for any reason, the supervisor is in charge of creating a Rest/Relaxation corner for writing, drawing, and painting. The art materials are located in the Back Stage Area, which can be found in the floor plan.
  7. The Supervisor is responsible for dealing with inter-group communication.
    1. The supervisor will help if villagers require assistance
    2. The supervisor will arbitrate between villagers if necessary.
  8. The supervisor is responsible for making sure the clean up processes start by 6:35.
  9. The supervisor is responsible for making sure the space is ready for the next person to use by 6:50

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