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Led by our in-house philosopher, Nickantony Quach (pictured above), we are the Ri4CTV R&D Team.


Our Vision | What?

Our vision is the widespread use of Thumoslang as the new weave for a stronger social fabric in every human society.

Our Mission | How?

Our mission is to create facilities and develop groups for further development or more use of Thumoslang.

Our Purpose | Why?

Our purpose is Thumoslang education.

Our Leadership | Who?

Nickantony Quach, our in-house philosopher, is the Team Leader for Ri4CTV Research & Development.

Our Events | Where?

You can Meet Us in Person at one of our events: Ri4CTV Monthly Open-House Meeting, Ri4CTV Book Sales at Pawtucket Indoors Farmers Market, etc. Tell me more.


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