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Thumoslang Definition

Relationship; that means, ongoing relations.


Involved are 5 thumbnail definitions.

  1. Relation; that means, purposeful involvement.
  2. Involvement; that means, causing inclusion.
  3. Inclusion; that means, considered as participant.
  4. Relationship; that means, ongoing relations.

Defining Words

Involved are 5 defining words.

  1. inclusion
  2. involvement
  3. Relation
  4. relations
  5. Relationship

Related Concepts

The following may relate to the above concept.

  1. Family; that means, unbreakable relationships.
  2. instruction; that means, systematic teaching. It’s the relationship among three different but related topics: task, concept and reference.
  3. Relationship history; that means, past involvements.
  4. Relationship Management; that means, social preservation.
  5. Relationship-currency; that means, relationship-based exchanges.
  6. Thumos; that means, master of relationships.


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Click here to see the original source of Thumoslang which is the 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration.



Click here to watch the video on the origin of Thumoslang.