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Thumoslang Definition

Reciprocation; that means, complete communication.


Involved are 8 thumbnail definitions.

  1. Complete; that means, nothing missing.
  2. Communication; that means, intended meaning.
  3. Meaning; that means, description of importance.
  4. Description; that means, report of details.
  5. Importance; that means, automatic consequence.
  6. Consequence; that means, a fruit of history.
  7. History; that means, recorded events.

Defining Words

Involved are 12 defining words.

  1. automatic
  2. communication
  3. complete
  4. consequence
  5. description
  6. detail
  7. event
  8. fruit
  9. history
  10. importance
  11. intended
  12. meaning

Related Concepts

Several of the following 2 concepts may relate to one another.

  1. Reciprocation; that means, complete communication.
  2. Reflection; that means, internal reciprocation.


Reciprocation is the most basic cycle of communication comprising four steps. The first is for the speaker to do and the last three are for the listener to do.

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