PVD Skydio Tours

PVD Skydio Tours is a TV series on YouTube via the channel Ri4CTV.  Twice a week, at 4 PM Phoenix time on Monday and Wednesday, people can all at once watch and chat about another of its premiered videos showing a new footage as captured by our first self-flying camera called “Skydio One” (Skydio1). Aboard this drone is the first-of-its-kind foreseeing technology as debuted this year (2018) by Skydio, the California-based company. That explains the “4C” in Ri4CTV, which reads, Rhode Island Foresight TV.

The new technology gives the TV series, “PVD Skydio Tours”, a new type of visual storytelling using close-proximity aerial cinematography impossible for other consumer drones to imitate, as of this writing. For sure, this type of storytelling will change the way you see our world, long before it changes your life. For one, you may want to use this TV series as an ice breaker again and again in your social life. Your insights on it will, too, change the life of many around you in ways only few could imagine before.

Season 1 (S1) began in November 2018 when its debut episode (S1F085), “WaterFire Evening”, was released on YouTube via the channel Ri4CTV, at https://youtu.be/vD2PAzcWFaQ. By the way, F085 means the 85th flight taken by our drone Skydio1.

With accompanied instrumental music, the visual storytelling done in the TV series, “PVD Skydio Tours”, does not bring up the need for closed-captioning. People from all over the world, even those who do not speak, can all enjoy its episodes in the same way. No translation required.