PVD Philosophy TV Series

Welcome to Season 1

Welcome to Season 1 of PVD Philosophy, starring Nickantony Quach, the philosopher, and “Skydio One”, his first self-flying camera. Produced by Ri4CTV on YouTube, this television series offers a non-dogmatic approach to practicing the ideal-self philosophy of Steve Jobs, as explained in Episode 5. Based on the 2017 book, “THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration”, this approach applies professional change management to self development process. This calls for shared understanding of terms at a level of granularity much finer than expected of traditional self-help procedures. That’s why front and center of this philosophy is its nomenclature, called the Thumos self-help language. As soon as people master this language, they become self-help gurus themselves. Tell me more

Closed captions (subtitles) are provided in 57 languages as listed at Ri4CTV.com/CC

All concepts presented in this television series are registered with the Thumos Video Glossary located at Ri4CTV.com/Glossary.

Episode 2

The second episode, “Master of the Sky”, in Season 1 is set to become one of the first serious stories shot almost entirely through the use of the self-flying camera introduced in 2018 by the California-based startup Skydio. Nickantony Quach named his first drone as, “Skydio One”. It was he who came up with the following definitions.

  • Skydio; that means, master of the sky.
  • Thumos; that means, master of relationships.

S1E2 tells two stories at once. One is about origin of the foreseeing philosophy called Thumos, also known as, “PVD Philosophy”, and the other is about reasons why Skydio is “master of the sky”.