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If you believe in Steve Jobs, you also believe what he says in his speech to Stanford University graduates of 2005. He wants us to focus mostly on “what you truly want to become”, which is referred to as, “your ideal self”, in the 2019 YouTube series, “PVD Philosophy“. This TV series explores a systematic approach for people from everywhere to conceive and develop further their ideal self as part of their lifestyle, their behavior because, according to Steve Jobs, “everything else is secondary.”

Under the title, “Center of RI“, the debut episode of the television series, “PVD Philosophy“, is now available via the channel Ri4CTV on YouTube. It has closed captions in Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese. It introduces viewers to the city of Providence, the state of Rhode Island, and the brand new Thumos philosophy, created in 2017 by the book, “THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration“, which is available on Amazon.com as well as Barnes & Noble. Season 1 of this TV series is produced and directed by the Vietnamese-American Nickantony Quach, the book’s main author.

On channel Ri4CTV, second episode of the YouTube series, “PVD Philosophy”, is set to become one of the first serious stories shot almost entirely through the use of self-flying camera introduced in 2018 by the California startup Skydio. Nickantony Quach named his first drone as, “Skydio One”. It was he who came up with the following definition. Skydio; that means, “Master of the Sky”, which, by the way, is also the title of the second episode, whose fulll title is “PVD Philosophy | S1E2 | Master of the Sky | 4K”. This episode (S1E2) tells two stories at once. One is about origin of the foreseeing philosophy called Thumos, also known as, “PVD Philosophy”, and the other is about reasons why Skydio is “master of the sky”. To watch it in 4K, go to https://youtu.be/fKdbo2US7q8.

This series has closed captions in Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

In addition to watching the above TV series using its Vietnamese closed captions, Vietnamese speakers can also watch its original work in the Vietnamese language, available via the YouTube channel, “CTTMMD Chương trình Tô mỳ Minh Duy Ri4CVN“. The title of the original series is, “Đảo đất trống“, which means, “Rhode Island” in Vietnamese. The debut episode in the the Vietnamese series is named as, “Trung tâm Tiểu bang“, which means, “center of the state,” in Vietnamese. In this original series, the philosophy created in 2017 is also referred to as, “Triết lý Đảo đất trống”, which means, “the philosophy from the state of Rhode Island.”

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