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TalentPVD, YoutubePVD, HavenPVD, and CaribouPVD are local programs designed to serve the people of Providence and nearby cities. Their purposes are explained below.

The YouTube series TalentPVD presents the creative talent found in Providence and nearby cities. | When is the next audition?

YoutubePVD is your opportunity to take your dream to the next level, with Ri4CTV giving you the tools and the YouTube series NDBaker93, our daily show, giving you the platform you need to become far more powerful than you’ve been led to believe. | Tell me more

Members of the impromptu music group Providence Haven, aka HavenPVD, meet weekly in Providence, Rhode Island to perform creatively and grow together. Members of the public are also invited to join in. | Tell me more

The purpose of the CaribouPVD Interschool Program is to walk a limited number of students from various high schools in Providence through a multi-month process making them, as the individual, far more powerful than they have been led to believe. | Tell me more

About Ri4CTV Programs

Ri4CTV is a YouTube channel based in Providence; its extended name is Rhode Island Foresight Television. Youtube.com/Ri4CTV is a FAMILY-FRIENDLY and INCLUSIVE web-based TV station serving ALL citizens around the world as well as the people of Rhode Island. To support us, please subscribe to our channel. For those who could afford it, please support us financially via Ri4CTV.com/Donate. Let us know how we can serve you better via Ri4CTV.com/Contact.

The YouTube series NDBaker93 is a daily show on Ri4CTV since October 2019. Its co-hosts tell the story of their growth as well as the growth of their associates. Together they call themselves the First Thumos Family as they are the first to speak Thumoslang, the nomenclature for social life created by Nickantony Quach. Further information about this and other programs are presented at Ri4CTV.com/Programs. | Tell me more