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1 Introduction

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Welcome to our domain; thank you for visiting our web pages.

As the featured image above shows, we are a group of three individuals in Rhode Island. Foresight Group of Three (FG3) is an informal name for our group. On the left is Lyonel Fritsch, our Marketing Associate. Next to him is Alec Mustafayev, our Business Representative. They are 2020 graduates of Classical High of Providence, Rhode Island. On the right is Nickantony Quach, our Research & Development Manager, who goes by Nick.

Our fledgling YouTube channel is Ri4CTV. The two-character infix “4C” is a phonetic play on “foresee,” but, by extension, it means foresight. The name of our YouTube channel thus means Rhode Island (Ri) Foresight (4C) Television (TV). Its logo carries the image of IVER PROSPERITY, a chemical/oil products tanker frequently traverses the Providence River.

Nick created the channel in 2018. Alec joined him in August 2020 and formed the Quach & Mustafayev Group (QMG), later known as the Ri4CTV Writing Team. Lyonel joined them in December 2022, when they sold the first units of their books to several in-person purchasers at local market events. In the following photo, several of their books are displayed for sale in The Coffee Cup at the Providence Place shopping mall.

Lyonel, Alec, and Nick are in the process of founding and organizing a startup business. Until they settle its name, they go by FG3. Meanwhile, they seek part-time help from a few high school and college students in Rhode Island to advance the business further.

This booklet is for your information if you are a local student looking for a part-time job or someone interested in joining a startup business before the start. The following pages provide further information. Select the Next-page link below to continue reading.

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