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An opportunity to work with a startup business before the start

As the featured image above shows, we are a group of three individuals in Rhode Island. Foresight Group of Three (FG3) is an informal name for our group. On the left is Lyonel Fritsch, our Marketing Associate. Next to him is Alec Mustafayev, our Business Representative. They are 2020 graduates of Classical High of Providence, Rhode Island. On the right is Nickantony Quach, our Research & Development Manager, who goes by Nick.

Our group is still in its formation state. Before Lyonel Fritsch joined us in December 2022, we were the Ri4CTV Writing Team, a group of two informally known as the Quach & Mustafayev Group (QMG). In late 2022, we published four new books, listed below. Three of them are nonfiction. Our online bookstore is the Ri4CTV Shop at Ri4C.com/Shop.

December 2022 was when we first saw a sign of success; see Our First Sign of Success. Our group can now offer several locals an opportunity to work with a startup business before the start.

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