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3 Meet Lyonel Fritsch

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Lyonel is one of the interviewers for the job.

Before He Took Part

Presented below is the Ri4CTV video, [Thumoslang as a Tool for Developing Foolproof Ideas | Club4C401 History | S1E5 | @Ri4CTV] (v=PgxJ8siVCIs), published in October 2022, two months before Lyonel Fritsch (pictured) joined our business group. Watch the video and hear Lyonel’s formal reaction to the foundation created for the bulk of our products and services. Tell me more.

Our Marketing Associate

One of our products is the book Thumoslang for Character Renovation (TCR), pictured below, published a few weeks before the above video appeared. Fifteen (15) of its 42 chapters mention or talk about Lyonel.

As our first Marketing Associate, Lyonel Fritsch is the best person in our group who can articulate why most people would be interested in our products. To set up an online meeting with him, send your request to his business email at lyonel4ctv@gmail.com. Alternatively, leave him a message with @ri4ctv on Instagram.

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