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2 Meet Alec Mustafayev

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Alec is one of the interviewers for the job.

Our First Sales

Presented below is the Ri4CTV video, [The First Sign of Success for the Original Thumos Textbook | FSCRi Year One | S1E1] (v=U6nzZJArsF0). In it, Alec Mustafayev (pictured above) reported our first sign of success. On the second Saturday of December 2022, we sold, at the listed price of $72 each, four hardcover units of our 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love, and Collaboration at the Anti-Robot Club Marketplace of Providence, Rhode Island. Tell me more.

Watch the video and hear Alec reacting to our first sales.

Our Initial Wealth

Nickantony Quach (pictured above, left) discovered Bitcoin from reading the news. He found himself amazed at how fast the price varied. In October 2020, he taught himself how to work as a Crypto Day Trader. All he had to do was buy low and sell high; how hard could that be?

Alec Mustafayev worked at Wendy’s for a few months after graduating from Classical High. Nick asked Alec to “invest” all the money he saved from his job. Alec did. Alec took up Nick’s suggestion and stopped working within a few months. The money they gained from crypto trading was enough to pay most of their rent. Tell me more.

Our Business Representative

While our group (FG3) is not yet a legal business entity, Alec uses his legal name to do business for us. When people pay us, they write a check payable to Alec Mustafayev. If you work for FG3, Alec is the person who pays you for your work. What’s more, he is one of the interviewers for the job. Job seekers should get to know him well ahead of the job interview. Feel free to contact him directly via Instagram Direct Message to @alec_mustafayev.


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