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7 How to Apply for the Job

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As the featured image above shows, we are a group of three individuals in Rhode Island. Foresight Group of Three (FG3) is an informal name for our group.

On the left is Lyonel Fritsch, our Marketing Associate. Next to him is Alec Mustafayev, our Business Representative. They are 2020 graduates of Classical High of Providence, Rhode Island. On the right is Nickantony Quach, our Research & Development Manager, who goes by Nick.

While our group is not yet a legal business entity, Alec uses his legal name to do business for us. When people pay us, they write a check payable to Alec Mustafayev. If you work for FG3, Alec is the person who pays you for your work. Moreover, your direct supervisor will be Nickantony Quach, our in-house philosopher. You should meet them both in person as part of the interview process.

The first step is to contact Nickantony Quach or Alec Mustafayev to set up a meeting with them both. They will introduce you to the group’s business and answer your questions before any job interview.


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