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PP1 | PVD Philosophy Season 1

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PP1 stands for PVD Philosophy Season 1.  | List all episodes in Season 1

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About Season 1 of PVD Philosophy

Welcome to Season 1 of PVD Philosophy, starring Nickantony Quach, the philosopher, and “Skydio One”, his first self-flying camera. Produced by Ri4CTV on YouTube, this television series offers a non-dogmatic approach to practicing the ideal-self philosophy of Steve Jobs, as explained in Episode 5. Based on the 2017 book, “THUMOS: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration”, this approach applies professional change management to self development process. This calls for shared understanding of terms at a level of granularity much finer than expected of traditional self-help procedures. That’s why front and center of this philosophy is its nomenclature, called the Thumos self-help language. As soon as people master this language, they become self-help gurus themselves.

Closed captions (subtitles) are provided in 57 languages as listed at Ri4CTV.com/CC

All concepts presented in this television series are registered with the Thumos Video Glossary located at Ri4CTV.com/Glossary.

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