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Greetings from Providence, Rhode Island!

As shown in the photo, we are Nickantony Quach (left) and Norman D. Baker. As of the spring in 2020, we are now Platform93. Our mission is to unite online the people of Rhode Island in ways unimaginable before the Covid-19 pandemic. During this trying time, we carry out our mission under the banner of the following mantra.

Public-spirited Action, not Private Panic

Ever since October last year, we’ve been bringing you a fresh episode of our YouTube series NDBaker93 every day on the channel Ri4CTV. Thanks to your support and donation, we can keep our daily show going and make it better serve the people of Rhode Island.

To do business with us or contact us for other reasons, go to our business homepage at To interact with us on topics presented by our daily show, go to its public homepage at To collaborate with us in private, use our Intranet in the Haven Office at

To support us financially via Venmo, send us money using our account at To support us using PayPal, go to Please, help us unite the people of Rhode Island.