April 8, 2022

Dear the People of Rhode Island,

Ri4CTV is a local YouTube channel operated by Ri4CTV Studio under the leadership of Norman D. Baker (left) and Alec Mustafayev (right). They would like to gather several locals in Providence, Rhode Island, to work together in support of a free Ukraine, which is currently under unprovoked invasion by a neighboring country. The group’s name might be “The Party for Ukraine,” not yet set in stone. To get started, they would like to interview the locals and present their thoughts in a YouTube series on Ri4CTV. Its working title is “Friends of Ukraine RI.”

The Party for Ukraine’s mission is to help Ukrainian refugees worldwide by providing books and donations. With over ten million forced to restart their lives away from home, this work is integral to rebuilding their fragmented worlds. As part of the mission, The Party for Ukraine seeks to bring Ukrainians a book of their own. Part of the work is translating it into the languages of refugees and non-native speakers.

The book’s working title is Thumoslang on the Run. Backed by the original Thumos textbook and various works on the Thumoslang website, the product presents its material in bite-size chapters. Refugees will be able to digest the complex material even while dealing with many piecemeal waiting periods. This book makes it easy to learn Thumoslang on the run.

The first chapters are now available for preview; see this Table of Contents. Click here for a sample translation of the first paragraphs in various languages. The first chapters explain what Thumoslang is, demonstrate its immense power, and show how it will help Ukrainian refugees and students rebuild their fragmented worlds.

If you want to involve personally, you can help the group write the book Thumoslang on the Run. In that case, you should plan to collaborate with other writers at 10 AM every Monday.

If you want to help translate the book into various languages, you should plan to collaborate with other translators at 4 PM every Monday.

The primary meeting location is a short walk away from the Speedway convenience store and gas station on North Main Street in Providence, Rhode Island. It is 2.5 miles from downtown. You can get there by RIPTA bus using the R-line, which runs every 10 minutes throughout Monday.

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