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  1. For the first few years, the idea of sliced bread was a complete flop – no one wanted it, and no one knew it was available. The original focus was on patents and factories – the technical side of the idea, rather than the commercial. Nowadays it doesn’t matter how good your idea (or product) is, it is only the most widely spread that “win”.  Tell me more
  2. To win, become the most widely spread, by coming up with something remarkable and market it to those who care the most: your otakus! Tell me more
  3. Geeks, nerds, and otakus all have obsessive interests but otakus are extreme geeks and nerds.
  4. Being an otaku for most is not a hobby, it’s a maniacal lifestyle that consumes their time, money and mind – they have absolutely no other interests in life but their subject of obsession. Tell me more
  5. Thumos is “foreseeing philosophy” for otakus whose subject of obsession is their ideal self, or, as stated by Steve Jobs, “what they truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”
  6. Giving you a systematic approach to effective development of consequential relationships over the entire span of your life, Thumos Philosophy, also known as, PVD Philosophy, is one of the fastest ways to go towards “what they truly want to become”, your ideal self!
  7. The first version of Thumos philosophy is expressed by the 2017 book, Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration, written in Providence, Rhode Island, by Nickantony Quach and Mark Canny.
  8. You can buy the book on Amazon or buy it from Barnes & Noble but be prepared for a sticker shock.
  9. The second version of Thumos philosophy is expressed by the TV series, PVD Philosophy, which is available on YouTube via the channel Ri4CTV. It has closed captions in many languages as listed here, at this location.
  10. The TV series is produced by Nickantony Quach using a new type of visual storytelling as provided by “Skydio One”, his first self-flying camera, which carries first-of-its-kind “foreseeing technology” from Skydio, a company based in California.
  11. As the “4C” in Ri4CTV is moniker for “foreseeing” or “foresight”, Ri4CTV means Rhode Island Foresight TV.
  12. “Thumos; that means, master of relationships.” — Nickantony Quach
  13. “Skydio; that means, master of the sky.” — Nickantony Quach
  14. A great way to get started with Thumos is to watch the second episode, “PVD Philosophy | S1E2 | Master of the Sky | 4K”, which is available at https://youtu.be/fKdbo2US7q8.
  15. This episode (S1E2) tells two stories at once. One is about origin of the foreseeing philosophy called Thumos, also known as, “PVD Philosophy”, and the other is about reasons why Skydio is “master of the sky”.
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