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2 The Origin of Ri4CTV

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The original name of the channel Ri4CTV on YouTube was “ProvidenceYoutube,” and the original name of its operating group was the “Providence Youtube Creator Group.” They published their first video, [8001 Providence Youtube Creator Group](v=4Yj9p9bblf4), on July 9, 2018.

Ri4CTV published its first miniseries, Nickantony Quach on Thumos Philosophy #NickantonyQuachS1, the following day.

One of the videos the channel published in the following weeks was [Skydio1 Our First Self-flying Camera | Ri4CTV Origin | S1E1 | Skydio Video Series](v=8ih6XdfnZpM).

One of the first video collections published on the channel was Ri4CTV Origin.

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