Onboarding for Prospective Co-owners of Ri4CTV

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You are a co-owner of Ri4CTV when you have a legal and binding partnership agreement with other co-owners of Ri4CTV. If this is your goal then you are a prospective co-owner of Ri4CTV. Prospective co-owners of Ri4CTV should do the following:

  1. Know how to access Our Main Office via Ri4CTV.com/HQ.
  2. Know how to access Our Business Agenda via Ri4CTV.com/A.
  3. Understand how to review the Current State of Ri4CTV via Ri4CTV.com/Status.
  4. Understand fully the story of Ri4CTV as told by our online book, Wealth from Empty Hands.
  5. Know how to access the Table of Ri4CTV Contents at Ri4CTV.com/TOC.
  6. Click here to learn more about Tiernan Moore, our Business Lead at Ri4CTV.
  7. Click here to learn more about Nick Quach, the Ri4CTV Founder.
  8. Building Our Core Team is currently our top priority. | Tell me more
  9. The above steps are valid, as of 7/12/2019, while this list is still under construction.

Instruction for Ease of Texting

Our main office is located at Ri4CTV.com/HQ. Go there and scroll down to the bottom to see the link, Onboarding Process for Prospective Co-owners of Ri4CTV. As prospective co-owners of Ri4CTV, click on the link and do all the steps as found on the page, https://ri4ctv.com/onboarding-for-prospective-co-owners-of-ri4ctv/.

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