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Thumoslang Definition

Ollie; that means, the key to all in social life.


Involved are 14 thumbnail definitions.

  1. Social; that means, multiple relations.
  2. Value; that means, level of usefulness.
  3. Involvement; that means, causing inclusion.
  4. Inclusion; that means, considered as participant.
  5. Life; that means, the assessment of lifespan activities.
  6. Assessment; that means, quality snapshot.
  7. Quality; that means, level of excellence.
  8. Excellence; that means, high-level achievement.
  9. Achievement; that means, powerful result.
  10. Potential; that means, latent usefulness.
  11. Latent; that means, not yet obvious.
  12. Lifespan; that means, between birth and death.

Defining Words

Involved are 23 defining words.

  1. achievement
  2. activities
  3. assessment
  4. birth
  5. considered
  6. death
  7. excellence
  8. high-level
  9. inclusion
  10. influencing
  11. involvement
  12. key
  13. latent
  14. life
  15. lifespan
  16. participant
  17. potential
  18. powerful
  19. purposeful
  20. quality
  21. relations
  22. social
  23. value


In skateboarding, an ollie is done by leaping with your board into the air without using your hands. “The ollie leads to everything else,” says Tiernan Moore, “because it’s just getting off the ground. You need an ollie to do every other trick. The ollie is the foundation of every single trick” in skateboarding. In social life, an ollie is the key to everything.

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