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Nick as Your Host at the Haven Cave’s Crooked Corner

Nick as Host | RootPVD | YoutubePVD
Monday Program | HavenFestPVD

On Monday, Nickantony Quach will be your host at the Crooked Corner in The Haven Cave during the Winter Festival. Below is where and when you can find Nick on Monday. The time highlighted in red is a hard deadline.

The First Hour

General Notice

If there are no shows, nomads (Festival-goers) may ask Nick about either YoutubePVD or RootPVD until 6:30 PM. Otherwise, Nick might walk around and film other corners in order to capture the Festival. Several nomads may be asked to join him, help him in the filming of our Festival.

The Second Hour

After Hours

At 6:45 PM, Nick is available to entertain several nomads with an extended Q&A session.


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