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Alec Mustafayev (born 2002), Jairson Ascencao (born 1999), and Nickantony Quach (right in the photo) came up with the idea in their impromptu meeting on January 9th, 2020. Part of the discussion is captured by several videos. The first one is Thumoslang Comic Project, which is Episode 3 in Season 13 of NDBaker93, the daily show on our YouTube channel Ri4CTV. As recorded by the video, Norman D. Baker (born 1993), who handles PR for our project, was also on the phone in our very first project meeting. | Tell me more

Time Event History
Day 1
Alec took on the role of our Project Leader.  Jairson worked as our Project Manager.  Nick worked as our Project Admin.
Day 2
Nick created a public homepage for the project at | Tell me more
Day 3
On the 3rd day, the Haven Office is used as an online collaborative space for the comic project. Project Office was started.
Day 4
Nick proposed Müsk Yụsãkù as the fifth character in our Kingmaker Comic. Who is Müsk Yụsãkù? The Fifth Character in Thumoslang Comic
Day 7
By the time Alec and Jairson officially meet on their first Project Wednesday, the first character is already named as Jayden Grey.
Day 11
Right after the Haven Festival, Zoe Anderson worked with Jairson on initial drawings for the comic. This is what Claustra looked like in her first sketches.

As shown in the following image, Müsk Yụsãkù did not look like a humanoid at all. | Tell me more

Day 13
Müsk Yụsãkù was first officially described in our first Project PDF. This was after Alec and Jairson made a quantum leap in the initial development of our comic characters. | Tell me more Kingmaker Comic Project Document KC122
Day 20
Zoe Anderson drew the first sketch of the character Müsk Yụsãkù.
Day 21
Müsk Yụsãkù was further described in our second Project PDF. Kingmaker Comic Project Document KC130
Day 23
Participant’s Guide to the Kingmaker Comic Project
Day 26
The first GIF was made for our comic project. Comic Project Toolbox was created.

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