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Thumoslang Definition

Meaning; that means, description of importance.


Involved are 5 thumbnail definitions.

  1. Description; that means, report of details.
  2. Importance; that means, automatic consequence.
  3. Consequence; that means, a fruit of history.
  4. History; that means, recorded events.

Defining Words

Involved are 7 defining words.

  1. automatic
  2. consequence
  3. description
  4. details
  5. fruit
  6. history
  7. importance

Related Concepts

The following may relate to the above concept.

  1. Communication; that means, intended meaning.
  2. Concise; that means, meaningful in few words.
  3. Creativity; that means, meaningful imagination.
  4. Definition; that means, explanation of meaning.
  5. Denotation; that means, the main meaning.
  6. Information; that means, the meaning behind processed data.
  7. Message; that means, detectable meaning.
  8. Your-ideals; that means, meaningful milestones.



Compare the following thumbnails as part of your attempt to understand the above concept.

  • Ideal; that means, perfect fit.
  • Milestones; that means, chronological objectives.
  • Ideals; that means, ideal milestones.
  • Meaning; that means, description of importance.
  • Your-ideals; that means, meaningful milestones.
  • Your-ideal-self; that means, what you truly want to become.


Click here to see the original source of Thumoslang which is the 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration.



Click here to watch the video on the origin of Thumoslang.