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“Match-Up Program” by Ri4CTV; Make Purposeful Connections!

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Welcome to the “Match-Up Program” by Ri4CTV; Make Purposeful Connections!

We want to strengthen the social fabric in communities all over by systematically creating connections and promoting collaboration for all residents. We help the locals make purposeful connections with one another according to their match-up requirements.

Our Vision | What?

Our vision is the widespread use of Thumoslang as the new weave for a stronger social fabric.

Our Mission | How?

Our mission is to do the following for everyone; create a new in-person relation between two residents according to their match-up requirements.

Our Purpose | Why?

Our purpose is create more connections, promote lasting collaboration, and improve the social fabric for most residents.

Our Leadership | Who?

Our match-up program is curated by the two 2020 graduates of Classical High, Alec Mustafayev and Lyonel Fritsch, and their in-house philosopher, Nickantony Quach.


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