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Disclaimer: Many of these links below are public, some are private. If you’re interested in learning about the information not public and maybe getting involved, contact Jairson at

Latest News Week of Feb Sunday the 16 of 2020

Office Posts, Pages and Creation

Latest News Week of Jan Sunday the 26 of 2020

Project updates

  • Kandalaft, and Elias have officially teamed up to make the Sound Table Podcast! They plan to meet regularly to push this project forwards. | See Podcast Idea for more
  • Shira met with a girl named Andrea, as well as Ed Zeitz to discuss her project Sunday 2/9/2020 They are meeting again 2/16/2020 to continue their work| See The First Driver for Interpersonal and Societal action for more
  • Alec and Jairson have completed some cool deliverables for the village architecture project! Hopefully we’ll be able to see further developments soon!
  • Victori has started considering what a paracity of her own would look like. Loving speaking and debate, she has decided to start preparing to run a Public speaking paracity when she moves down here from Maine!
  • A new potential villager named Samantha Dick is getting involved in writing something that’s been on her mind for a while. She is fascinated by the fact that humans have been around for so long but have yet to create really effective systems of communication, and wants to dive deep into that idea.
  • Weekly comic Wednesday met for the Third time this week!
  • Elias is back and burning brighter than ever! During part of the Haven event Monday he and Jairson met up and mapped out what he wants to do inside of Haven! Scroll to Third Eye Wide for more!

Villager Updates

  • Kandalaft and Mary are teaming up to empower the Haven Improv/Music Club
  • Shira wants the village to help people learn the value of their personhood.
  • Mary is considering helping Victori out with Facebook Marketing. More on this later.

Monthly Newsletter

Thumoslang, a social science

Thumoslang is the socially focused language the village uses to reduce conflict, and push people towards their ideal selves. Thumoslang is considered non dogmatic, which means it is falsifiable. If you have a problem with Thumoslang’s logic, or don’t understand something, feel free to push hard on it until everything makes sense to you. Nick, Norman, Alec, and Jairson are currently considered the residential experts, so you know who to press 😉

The Pararegion and the Paracities

The Pararegion

  • Haven’s goal is to be a shortcut to the ideals of the paracities.
  • Jairson is the Village chief of Haven, he is a servant to the paracities.
  • There are currently 5 sections to the pararegion: Governance/Social Justice, Marketing, News, Art, and Music.

The Paracities

  • The paracities exist to be a shortcut for the ideals of those in the paracity’s clan.

The section below is organized by the sections of the pararegion, inside each section are the various paracities currently being run by the Village chiefs.

Policy/Social Justice Pararegion Section

Policy Paracity

GA | Haven Village Architecture Project
  • Jairson is the Village chief of the Haven Village Architecture
  • Alec is in this clan.
  • The village architecture writing process is an effort to create a book that can be used by anyone on the globe to create a village like ours, while also spelling out the vision for what we will and are becoming.
  • First ideas for the Haven Village Architecture
GC | External activism Project
  • Shira is the Village chief of the external activism paracity
  • Andrea Gonzalez, Ed Zeitz, and Jairson Ascencao are inside this clan
  • This is currently forming paracity, and so has not completely ironed out it’s objective
  • For an idea of what this paracity aims to do, this is Shira’s Ideal.
  • “I want to create drivers for society to treat its members as people with emotions, personalities, and opinions rather than as cold numbers.”

Leadership Paracity

GB | King of Leadership Project

Marketing Pararegion Section

MKA | Haven Event Marketing

  • Norman, Jairson, and Victori all put their heads together for the marketing aspect of the Haven village Pararegion.
  • Currently, Norman and Jairson have been reaching out to local businesses and artists looking for interested parties for Haven Mondays.
  • Victori heads our Facebook marketing and Loves our Haven from afar
  • No webpage on this yet. Means we couldn’t quickly catch someone up to our speed.
  • Should fix this soon, what does someone need to learn to be able to push Marketing forwards as quickly as possible?

MKB | Haven Product Marketing

  • Jairson is the village chief of Haven Product Marketing.
  • If you have a book or a product that you need marketed set up a time with Jairson to discuss how you can work together to sell that product.

News Pararegion Section

NA | Ri4CTV, and YoutubePVD Projects

  • Nick is the Village Chief of Ri4CTV, and YoutubePVD
  • All info about Ri4CTV and YoutubePVD can be found here
  • Tell your kids and your friends you’re on Youtube! They can subscribe and watch as you grow in Haven our village 🙂

NB | The CoalMont Magazine Project

  • Nick is the Village Chief of the Coalmont Magazine which can be found here.
  • Updates on The Kingmaker Comic, as well as Haven as a village can be found here.

Music Paracity

MA | Third Eye Wide Project

  • Elias is the village chief of Third Eye Wide
  • Third Eye wide is the name of the solo feature album Elias plans to create over the span of the next 2-3 months. | See Third Eye Wide as an Album
  • It is also the name of Haven’s music management group and eventual radio station. | See Third Eye Wide as a Collective

MB | Haven Improv Club Project

Storytelling Paracity

SA | Kingmaker Comic Project

  • Alec is the Village chief of the Kingmaker Comic
  • Zoe, Jairson, Kandalaft, Ari, and Nick are in his clan
  • All info on the Kingmaker comic is here

SB | Haven Improv Club Project

Public Speaking Paracity

  • Victory proposed the idea of a public speaking paracity.
  • Some of the preliminary project ideas for the paracity are:
  • A Speech and Debate project to give villagers and nomads confidence in speaking.
  • A Poetry project to get people expressing regularly and during Haven Events
  • A Motivational speaking project focused around inspiring those who are a part of Haven and others around us.

Philosophy Paracity

  • Samantha Dick is a new person just starting to involve themselves with the Haven village.
  • They are really focused around the philosophy of effective communication.
  • They want to potentially write a book in this paracity diving into the concepts of morality, and balance

For more information

If you need a refresher on how Haven as a village operates go here

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