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Thumoslang Definition

Jeopardizing; that means, putting in danger.


Involved are these thumbnail definitions.

  1. Danger; that means, suffering probability.
  2. Suffering; that means, bad experience.
  3. Experience; that means, firsthand knowledge.
  4. Probability; that means, likelihood of event.
  5. Likelihood; that means, level of certainty.

Defining Words

Involved are these defining words.

  1. danger
  2. event
  3. experience
  4. likelihood
  5. probability
  6. suffering



Here is an example. A person John brought his roommate’s co-worker Jane over their home right after they were asked by the Department of Health to quarantine themselves for at least one week. John’s action had no respect for public safety and interfered with the roommate’s professional life. Without letting Jane know about the quarantine, John’s action jeopardized Jane’s health.


Click here to see the original source of Thumoslang which is the 2017 book Thumos: Adulthood, Love & Collaboration.



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